Sunday, August 13, 2006

Saying goodbye to our highchair...

This past week we said goodbye to our highchair. Silly, you may say, but it was in a sense a sad goodbye. You have to know the highchair's history to get a sense of why it is hard to say goodbye. As some of you know, my kids are way far apart in age. Tim II is 9.5 years older than Savannah. I had wanted a baby girl desperately from the time Tim II was about 6. When I was pregnant with her I planned and dreamed of every last detail. I looked at baby furniture, supplies, clothes with a strange passion. My co-workers gave me a great shower and a Toys R Us gift certificate. Many, many months before she was even born, I headed out and purchased my dream highchair. Who knew a highchair purchase could give a person so much joy? We didn't use that highchair for at least 6 months. There is sat waiting for its day! Over the next 2-3 years, we used it daily. I took pictures of her little face eating and sleeping! LOL! Over this time, Tim and I had decided with pretty much complete certainty that we were not going to have anymore babies. I gave away most of the baby stuff... all but the highchair. I have no idea why I was not going to part with it. We would clean the garage many times and Tim would say something about getting rid of the highchair. It was like a little bit of hope that maybe someday there would be just one more baby. As much as he would have liked the big highchair out of his garage, he put up with it. I think he realized early on that I was irrational about it and it was not worth the fight. Go forward 5 years from Savannah's birth. At this point, I really do believe we are not going to have anymore babies. Afterall, she is 5 years old. If we were going to change our minds, we would have certainly done it long before this. For those that don't know, I would pray and pray often that God would either take my want for another baby away or change Tim's heart to want another baby. Well, Savannah turned 5 in October and on a Sunday morning in December, Tim woke up to tell me we should have another baby. I remember it as clearly as if he said it yesterday. By January, we were pregnant with Sebastian and he entered our lives on the last day of September - very close to 6 years to the day Savannah was born. Of course, we didn't have any baby things. We had to get all new everything. Except for the highchair that was sitting in the garage just waiting to make its re-entry into our lives. Sebastian will be two soon. My other two kids used their highchairs until they were about 3 years old. Sebastian is NOT like my other kids. He doesn't really eat. I don't know how he sustains life on what he ingests in a day. I have found that he will snack a little here and there if he can walk, but not sitting in his highchair. With this knowledge, I decided it was time to move on and pass the highchair down the road. I listed it on freecycle and by nightime it was gone. This is just one more step in knowing my last baby is growing up.

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