Friday, August 18, 2006

Friday... Five... I started on Friday, but it ended up being Saturday morning when I finished!

Because I love reading things on the computer, I find other great blogs. Somehow that led me to this one and she does a Friday Five sort of like the My Life Monday that has taken a vacation for the time being. This is her blog... Quiet Life . I tried to upload pictures, but blogger is not being nice. Maybe I will add them tomorrow. Enjoy!

Friday.....Five Things Meme

Five things in my freezer: waffles, homemade lasagna, somekind of saltwater fish food stuff, philly cheese steaks, and a headless frozen super-woman figure... she somehow made it into our freezer 9 years ago and has lived there ever since. She did fall out and break her head off about 7 or 8 years ago... thus... she is the HEADLESS frozen super-woman figure!

Five things in my closet: Which closet? Technically, I don't have a bedroom closet... I have a laundry room that used to be a walk in closet and I have a tiny space to hang my clothes. Someday, it will be a walk in closet again. Not sure when that day will arrive. So, what is in the little tiny hanging clothes spot? Clothes (who would have thought?) boxes of tile to finish "said" walk-in closet, Pokemon Limited Edition Gold Trading Card in Original box (yes, it is my HUSBAND'S), an Othello game that has been played exactly once, and a very special tablecloth that Debi gave to me awhile back. At the time she gave it to me, I really liked it... now I love it even more because it reminds me of her.

Five things in my car: sunglasses, work badge, packing tape, cds, stroller

Five things in my purse: checkbook, debit/credit cards, a little bit of money (shhh... don't tell anyone) keys, and a St. Christopher Patron Saint of Travelers coin that Tim bought me when I was traveling every weekend in May - 3 years ago.

Five things on my mind: Did I make the right homeschool co-op choices? How will we find the money to get to Sarah's wedding? Should I put Savannah in a homeschool PE class? Which things should I get Savannah and Sebastian for their coming up birthdays and/or Christmas? Making myself lift those dreaded weights at least 5 times a week.

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