Sunday, August 20, 2006

I was mistaken... the woman in our freezer is NOT Superwoman... she is Invisible Woman...

So, I was talking to Tim about my last blog entry. I asked him if he had seen "frozen super woman" so I could take a picture of her. It was then that he informed me that she wasn't Super Woman and even sort of had the tone of like "how can you NOT know she is NOT Super Woman!". Ummm... I guess I don't really have all of my superheroes straight. It seems that Tim recalls exactly how she came to live in our freezer. Sometime when Timmy was about 8 years old, they had happy meal type toys at one of the fast food places. He, with much delight, came into possession of this Invisible Woman from the Fantastic Four superhero group. It seems that Miss Invisible Woman would turn BLUE if placed in the freezer and a magical "4" appears on the front of her. If you take her out of the freezer, she "dissappears" - okay, she really just turns white and the "4" goes away. At any rate, we created a new superhero because she is the HEADLESS Invisible Woman these days! And, yes, I actually talked to Tim about how when Timmy gets his own place someday that I think we should wrap her up as a gift and give it to him. It seems only right that she should move on with him since she has made it through 3 freezers and one house move with us!

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