Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Busy, busy, busy...

Tim and I sat down and wrote up a list of house projects room by room. We have been here for 7 years and done a TON of stuff. New kitchen, bath, torn out wall, new roof, fence, carpet, paint, landscaping, tons of shelving, windows, koi pond, etc. It has been a lot of work and we actually are seeing the end to most of the major projects. Funny how that works... you work and work on a house and then when you are close to being done... you move. We still have a few bigger things to do - drywall the walk-in closet and move the plumbing and electric for the washer/dryer. Finish stucco around where new window went in and then paint the whole outside of the house. And, of course, paint the whole inside living room, dining room and kitchen. We are also going to put new baseboards in there too and then six paneled doors for all the bedrooms/bath. Those are most of our big projects left. The rest are pretty small. Fix a few odds and ends, but when you add them together - they sure take a lot of time. Before my job ended, I had asked Tim to put pavers in our backyard where the grass does not seem to want to grow. Sebastian has been playing out there and he has to walk through the dirt area to get to the rest of the yard. Tim decided to go ahead and do that project because it will make the yard look better from a sales angle too. I thought it was as simple as throwing pavers on the ground and calling it a day. Ummm... I was mistaken! There is a whole lot of leveling, digging, evening stuff that goes on with this. He got a lot done this weekend before we ran out of pavers. Even though it is not done it sure looks a lot better than it did. Unfortunately, I didn't take a before picture. These are the in process pictures. This week I have been finishing up sealing the floor. Yes, we started that awhile ago, but it still isn't done. I should be done by the end of the week, I hope. Like I said - busy, busy, busy.

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