Monday, November 20, 2006

More bathroom woes...

I am hoping this is my second to last post about our hall bath. You all know what I did to the wall... Tim ended up cutting that part of the wall out and putting a whole new piece of drywall in. While he was repairing that, he fixed a few other rough spots on the wall and then he reprimed and repainted. Yesterday, we decided to head to get a new light fixture for the bathroom. While we were at the store, we decided to get a new toilet too. They have this deal with our county water that they will pay you $100 towards replacing an old toilet. Basically, we could replace it for just about free. We had done this in our master bath a few years back. Tim proceeds to take the old, nasty toilet out and he actually chips apart of it. No problem, we are throwing it out, right? He makes the drywall behind the toilet nice and paints. Great! He takes the NEW toilet and sits in in place. FINE! Then he takes the tank and puts it on. It will not fit! Huh? We have done this before. Why is it not fitting? We decide to quick run back to Lowe's before they close. We opt to not pack this toilet up first and just will return it later. We get there to find that all the toilets are standard 12" inch rough in. We call Timmy and ask him to measure. Ours is 10" inch rough in. The Lowe's guy tells us he can order one, but it will take a month. Remember that I said the old toilet is broken now. Then the Lowe's guy says he is not supposed to tell us this, but there is a plumbing place that has them in stock. That is nice, except it is Sunday evening around 7pm. Not going to fix that tonight. On the off chance, Tim calls Home Depot (isn't it great that I put these phone numbers in his cell phone?). The DO have ONE that will fit a 10" or 12". Woohoo! Even better, Home Depot and Lowes are literally a block apart. We drive over there, pick up our new toilet and we are home free, right? You are so wrong, wrong, wrong!!! We get home, take the new toilet out of the box to find that it is chipped! Tim quick throws it into the car and heads back before they close and exchanges it. He gets that home, gets it installed and then it won't stop running. He dismantles the whole inside and puts it back together and then it is working! Perfect, right? You are wrong, wrong, wrong!!! He sees a tiny leak coming off the back... there is a small hair line crack the whole length of the tank that is leaking a tiny bit! They are closed now, so we have to wait. I ran out this morning and bought a new tank. Let's hope this one is fine. All this and we weren't even really planning on replacing the toilet! Ugggghhhh!!!

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