Friday, November 10, 2006

Hi-ho, hi-ho, it's off to work we go...

I hope you are not already tired of the "working around the house" posts. If you are, I am sad to say, this is the very BEGINNING of them. I sure hope you will all stick around and go through this "wonderful season" with me. This past weekend, Tim finished all the pavers and concrete in the backyard. Savannah and Sebastian helped by beating the heck out of some extra ones to fill in the concrete blocks before the cement went on top. They really thought that was some pretty fun work. I say he finished this project only to decide that he wants to put some rock down at the end where the yard sloaps. Uggghhhh... I am happy he wants to make it look nice, but we have so many things to do! I keep telling myself that I can count a lot of calories on Sparkpeople if I move each of those slate rocks from the front to the back. How is that for incentive? Next, he worked on the screens around our pool. He got off early on Wednesday and we did 3 of the great big ones. We still have like 9 or 10 left to do, but not all big ones. I think he truly hates the screening job. We even offered the teenage boys a free pay-per-view wrestling party with pizza if they would finish the screens for us. So far, I haven't gotten a huge response to that offer. Today I went to the Albertson's liquor store! No, no, no not so I could drown my home projects in a bottle of whiskey - so I could pick up boxes. Tim is going to start packing up the rec room/garage room so he can have some more room to work on things. Sebastian was engulfed in boxes while we road home. He had quite a perplexed look on his face. That brings me back to painting the bathroom. I just finished one coat of paint and I have great faith I will get another coat done before Sebastian is up from his nap. At least I hope it will be dry enough. (Karen, I don't want to know if I am supposed to wait X amount of hours to do the second coat - I am a mom painting the bathroom, not a painter painting the bathroom! LOL!) My mud job doesn't really look all that great, but my thinking is we are putting the exact same towel bars only newer ones up. They should cover, right? Please humor me here... I still have to paint the living room, dining room, kitchen, 6 six-panel doors, 9 closet doors and help Tim paint the ENTIRE outside of the house. Please be kind and tell me it looks great when I post pictures even if you have to bite your tongue to do it. Thanks!

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