Monday, November 27, 2006

Our tree smack in the center of our front yard...

As the "Kari C in FL" suggests... we live in Florida. We don't really get fall color. Well, except, for a few trees here and there. We just so happen to have one of those big trees in our front yard. Between my parents owning this house and us buying it - we have been here for 16 years. I always liked the big tree in the front yard. When we moved away for about 2 years, our new house didn't have ANY TREES! Not a one! I tried to get Tim to plant one smack in the center of the front yard, but he never did do it. Yesterday and today when I drove into the neighborhood and up to my house, I found myself thinking how pretty our tree was. Sure, we have leaves EVERYWHERE and not many of out neighbors do. The leaves get tracked into the house every year without fail. I find myself grumbling since I just cleaned the floor only to find more crushed leaves. But, the last few days I saw the lovely yellow color. Sebastian and I crumpled them under our feet each time we took something to the big trash can or checked the mailbox. (Yes, he MUST accompany me on any trip to the trash or mailbox.) Then I started to think that this will most likely be the last year that we look up at our Florida tree that changes colors and loses it leaves. That made me want to take a picture of it and then I knew I just had to share it with all of you. Enjoy our pretty tree that is smack in the center of our front yard!

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