Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Packing, painting, and stuff...

I know you all are anxiously waiting for more bathroom details. The truth is that Tim cut out the section of wall that I tried to patch, then he fixed it, primed it and repainted the entire bathroom. He fixed a few other rough spots in there. I will take a picture when the new light, baseboards, and those blasted towel bars are up. Meanwhile, he asked me to take some of the living room/dining room pictures down. He wants to put a coat of mud over the rough walls in there too. This sounds easy enough, right? Wrong! I have moved exactly 4 times in my life. The first time I was 2 - I don't really remember it. I vaguely remember doing somersaults in the living room when it was empty. The second time I was 18. We moved from IL to FL with my parents. Now I did pack things. I remember unwrapping wedding and shower gifts and putting them right into a packing box. I know I helped pack the house, but honestly I think my mom was the one in control. The third time I moved, I left this house I am in now. My parents used to own THIS house. We rented the in-law apartment from them. We moved a few blocks away. At the time, we had a beat up pick-up truck. So, we did what any really cheap person does and made several trips with the truck. I don't think I wrapped everything in paper, etc. I think we took it over little by little. I do remember Tim saying he felt like Sanford and Son loading his truck up with all our junk. That brings us to our fourth move. We bought THIS HOUSE moved BACK to THIS house. So, again, it was only a few blocks. This time we had acquired more furniture (junk), so we got a rental truck. Again, I don't think I packed really well since I knew it was only a few blocks. What does all of this mean and why am I typing it? Well... because... because... I am completely overwhelmed! I am packing for a definite out of state move - where for sure - I don't know. When for sure - I don't know. Really, I am just supposed to be getting the living room ready to paint. If I am going to take stuff down, shouldn't I just pack it and be done? Yes and no. Depends on if you are staging your house for sale. Some say bare walls are a no-no. Others say absolutely no family photos of any kind. Then there are the people that say a few family photos are good. This leaves me looking at all my stuff and wondering WHICH THINGS should I plan to put back up and which things should I pack? Okay, since I really don't like to write whiny posts without finding some good to write in it... here goes. The really bright side of this is that my house should be painted BEFORE I put up our Christmas decorations. All the stuff I usually have to take down to put up Christmas stuff will already be down. The other good thing is I am super cleaning as I do this. I have dusted places I know I haven't dusted in well... let's just say a really, really, better make that really long time.

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BevG said...

Kari - Do you have any extra towels, table cloths, sheets, etc. that you can pack now? If so, they make great padding for pictures and other breakables. Plus you save time & boxes packing the linens! They also work great for dishes - and since your towels are all clean, you may not feel the need to wash all the dishes before placing them in your new cupboards. Anyway, those are my best packing tips! Happy painting and packing!
- Bev from WP group