Thursday, May 17, 2007

Brownies (the BEST brownies you will ever make)

Among my friends, I have been named the brownie lady. I started bringing brownies to our get togethers a couple years ago. I had picked up the Hershey Brownie mix from Sam's Club. It was a good price and thought we should give it a try. I HAD NO IDEA what effect these brownies would have on my life. I am not kidding you! I mean they have given me a reputation! I think that my friends are really only going to miss my brownies and not me! If we are going to hang out with our homeschool friends at Vickie's house, I MUST make brownies. Then US moms have to keep them near us, so we can eat as many as we want before the kids come to get them. If we have a play or a homeschool outing like for example the sock hop, I MUST make brownies. It is getting to where I really need to bring two pans because one is simply not enough. My friends all believe it is because I make in my Pampered Chef Stone. I am jealous because my friend, Michelle, has not ONE Pampered Chef rectangular baker, but TWO! She could make two pans of brownies in the awesome stone. Or as she did at our last scrapbooking night, she made ziti in one and brownies in the other. I came home and told my mom of my insane jealousy over her TWO stones (and did I mention she has the glazed ones - mine is the older plain kind)! My mom asked me in her most sensible voice, "Why didn't you ever ask somebody to get you another one for your birthday or Christmas?" Well, I don't know! Because that makes sense, I guess. I suppose it is because I always think I am going to have another Pampered Chef party. I love having the parties, but I just haven't gotten to it. Maybe I should before I move. I won't have tons of friends to invite when I move. Hmmm... that is something to think about. Anyway, that was not the point of my post. It is about the brownies! If you go to Sam's club - you must try the Hershey's brownie mix. It is like $5 something a box and it makes two big pans of brownies. It used to make 2.5 pans, but they got cheap and took one of the bag mixes out. I forgive them only because the brownies are so completely awesome! You need to go out and get a Sam's membership and buy these brownies! I am not kidding. Your life will not be the same without them. Oh and I am going to post another favorite thing I buy from Sam's one day soon. Complete with step by step cooking instructions and pictures. I already took the pictures, but they are on a new camera and I haven't figured out how to get them off the camera yet. Enjoy the brownies!

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