Thursday, May 03, 2007

Our house is on the market...

There is a real, honest to goodness sign in the yard. It is advertised on the MLS listing and soon (maybe it already is) will be on REALTOR.COM. I haven't wrote a whole lot on my blog because I try to write when I feel "blessed" with my life. It is not that I don't feel blessed, but I am feeling very stressed. Hey - that rhymes! I feel like we priced it too high and it won't sell and the phone will never ever ring. I feel like I will soon own two houses even though we now only have one income. There are a few other things going on that really have NOTHING to do with me, but because I care for the people that these things are happening to - I am struggling. One is a little boy in our neighborhood and without going into the yucky details here - could you just send up a prayer for a little boy named Jonathon that lives by me. He needs God to watch over him and help him get through a tough time that little 8 year old boys shouldn't have to. He is not sick and he will live, he just needs some prayers. The other has to do with my mom and she will be fine, but she had a minor setback this week and it just plain put a damper on my already not so great attitude. In all of this, I do have things that make me feel blessed. I have WONDERFUL friends. One called me just yesterday and asked me if I was "wiggin"! Yes, I was and at that very moment it was nice to hear somebody tell me it would be okay. Then I met with that friend and a few others later. Again, they listened to me ramble off all of my worries and they assured me it would be okay. We even planned a fun trip to Busch Gardens to reward the girls for selling cookies. Something I would not be able to spend money on right now, but will be taken care of for me. I have also been blessed because my husband broke his back and finished all the work on this house. It looks amazing! It is everything I ever wanted it to be when I moved in here years ago. It has been amazing to see all the projects we planned come into reality. Now that it is done, I have been able to sit and watch the kids swim for a few hours each day this week. (I am not a swimmer unless it is really warm water - so I watch). I am blessed with cable/wireless Internet that allows me to use my laptop by the pool! I guess I am just trying to write all the things I have running through my head. I am trying to have faith that God knows exactly who is supposed to buy my house and when that will be. He also knows if I am supposed to price it too high and wait for awhile, only to change it later. He obviously knows exactly when I am supposed to move to SC and it will happen. Right now, I need to remember I have done all I can do to prepare to sell this house. I can relax just a bit and watch my kids swim. Some way and some how it will all work out.

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