Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Heading to convention...

Tomorrow we are off to the Homeschool Convention in Orlando. Well, I should say that my mom, me, Savannah and Sebastian are heading that way. Tim and Timmy will be joining us later. My sister is staying behind to puppy sit and maybe show my house while we are gone. I will have a computer tomorrow, but then we move to the fancy hotel and you have to pay for internet access. Explain to me how I get FREE computer access at the FREE hotel using my credit card point (a whopping hotel value of $59), but at the FANCY, MORE EXPENSIVE hotel - I have to PAY for computer access! Makes no sense, but it is the truth. Tomorrow, we are taking the kids to Downtown Disney for Ghiardelli's ice cream, a little shopping and possibly playing in the fountains. We may also hit an outlet store or two. The vendor hall opens up at 5pm and I am excited about attending early. I have never been on Thursday night before, but I hear it is a lot less crowded. The kids will be heading to the opening of the new Pirates of the Caribbean on Friday morning at the theater in Downtown Disney! They are very excited! I am waiting to see it when I don't have to take Sebastian with me. There are only a couple speakers I would like to see on Friday, so most of the day will be devoted to shopping in the vendor hall. Saturday has a few more speakers I would like to see. Tim II will be graduating at 7pm in the Sebastian Ballroom! After that we are going to probably all gather somewhere in the hotel for late night pizza! It is sure to be a busy weekend! Many of our friends are going! I am sure looking forward to some fun and relaxation. And... yes... I am even looking forward to finding which math program Savannah will be using next year. Too exciting, huh? I am going into my 9th year of homeschooling and I still get excited over buying curriculum. I do have a few pictures I wanted to share and maybe I will get them posted before I leave tomorrow. See you soon!

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Kelli in TN said...

If I were going to Orlando I would insist on lunch with Foil Hat Amy from Orlando. And I would buy some soaps from her while I was there!!!

Congrats on the graduating kid. It is kind of fun to launch them from the nest, isn't it?