Thursday, May 17, 2007

The view from last Friday...

Ash on my car!

In case you didn't hear, there have been some wild fires in Florida. I don't actually know WHERE they are because I don't watch the news. I just know that we have had more smoke than ever before. I don't completely understand why. Several years ago most of I4 was on fire between Tampa and Orlando and we didn't get smoke like this. I took these pictures last Friday with every intention of coming here to post them. I just got busy and more busy along the way. I am finally posting them now, so that is good, right. I know I said I was going to be better about blogging and then I didn't write for a week. It is just that I have some deep philisophical thoughts going on in my head and I haven't been writing them out, but maybe I will share them soon. Maybe I will get back to my old self and post pictures more. I sure hope that I do!

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lflch said...

Me too, I hope you'll post more or I'll have to resort to reading cereal boxes again, and I don't buy much cereal anymore. LOL