Saturday, April 28, 2007

Someday when he is grown up... he will GET me for this!

Sebastian has been swimming the last few weeks. I use the word "swimming" very loosely. He doesn't really like to get off of the steps. At first, I just put the yellow swim tube outfit on him. After all, Savannah and her cousin, Karis, swam just fine with those when they were his age. He did okay with just the swim tube the first day until he stepped off the steps and he sorta toppled and his head got wet. Then he screamed HYSTERICALLY! I decided to try adding the water wings to see if that gave him more confidence. I didn't actually have any water wings handy because I had bought two of the yellow tube things thinking that would be enough. I told my mom I wanted to get him some water wings to which she replied that she had a brand new pair. The thing is that she bought that brand new pair years ago for Savannah and they are PINK! Oh well, who is going to know that he wore pink swimmies, a yellow tube and lime green swimming trunks? Right? I guess lots of people now. Someday he will find this picture and tell me that THIS is why he needs therapy!

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