Wednesday, April 25, 2007

A typical moment in my life...

I know I am supposed to be posting pictures of my house. I really did take some today. I didn't take all of them though. Maybe tomorrow, maybe not. Be patient. I felt like I needed to post something, anything! Yesterday was our co-op day. I let Savannah have poptarts for breakfast on co-op day. I popped them in the toaster. Great! Then one got stuck in the toaster. I unplug the toaster, I grab a plastic Pampered Chef measuring spoon because I am still freaked out I may get electrocuted. I try to pull it out and it gets stuck more. By this time, Savannah has to see why I am trying to stick a plastic measuring spoon in the toaster. She is RIGHT next to me. I start to cough. You know that tickle that comes from nowhere and you can't stop coughing. I start to think - I will just make another poptart - then I remember I can't because this one will burn and stink up the house - with a realtor coming in a little while. Then I am still coughing like crazy. I am doing that thing of turning your head and hacking into your arm so not to spew germs all over the toaster, poptart, my kids, etc. Savannah is RIGHT THERE! Did I mention I am coughing like crazy, trying to take the poptart out of the toaster and then Sebastian is RIGHT THERE. He is saying, "MOMMA! OKAY??? MOMMA! OKAY???" and patting me as he says it. He is the official "Are you okay guy" if anyone, anywhere ever coughs and he has to pat you to make sure you will be okay. So, I am coughing like crazy, trying to get the poptart out of the stinking toaster, Savannah is DESPERATE to see that darn poptart in the toaster and Sebastian is standing on my foot patting me and repeating himself over and over. At this very moment I think my head may just explode, but finally the stinking poptart comes out and I grab my water cup and drink like I just came from the desert. Savannah walks away with the stinking poptart and Sebastian no longer cares if I am okay because I am not coughing. This is just a little glimpse into my exciting life! I hope you enjoyed it. I am sure there are many, many more really interesting stories like this to share!

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