Thursday, April 12, 2007

Easter details...

Yes, even 18 year old children get baskets at our house! Doesn't he look awake? I think he and his friend went to sleep around 5am or so.

The Easter Bunny brought a new scooter... he sorta forgot about Easter grass or tissue paper or pretty basket filling stuff - there is always next year.

Hey! I like this hunting eggs thing! Everywhere I look, I find something to put in my bag!

Smelly bubbles!

I have been lazy, busy, lazy, busy - you get the idea. One minute I am painting the baseboards at 2am and the next I have fallen asleep on the couch watching The Suite Life of Zac and Cody with Savannah. (By the way, I just realized Zac and Cody live in a hotel SUITE. I had to ask Tim why!) Blogging has been on my mind, but I just haven't been actually making it to the desktop computer to upload the pictures and actually write something. THEN - my best friend, Jorgena, (aka Jorge) sends me not ONE email, but TWO emails with pictures of her little boy from Easter. Mind you, she is not a computer junkie like me. She is not a blogger. She does not read endless message boards, google tons of things, or check her email 20 times a day. And, yet, she managed to get TWO emails out with pictures. I realized I needed to drag my sorry butt from the rocking chair and add the pictures. Well, truthfully, I am STILL in the rocking chair typing the text on my laptop. I will go add the pictures when I am done here. The real problem is I love my laptop, but I am a little anal about having all my family photos stored in one place. Since I didn't always have the laptop, our pictures are on the desktop. I know this is crazy, but it is just my quirk. Okay, back to Easter. Easter was very nice. We went to my sister's church because she sings in the chior there. She did a wonderful job. It was a hugely uplifting service. She goes to a large church with lots of music, lighting, props, etc. At one point the men's quartet sang a song about Rolling Away the Stone on the Tomb. They actually had a tomb with a stone that rolled away and then Jesus - okay a man dressed as Jesus came out. It was pretty intense. They had rumbling and sounds to make you feel like the room was shaking as the stone rolled away. Then the lights flashed and there HE was! It was inspiring! Then it was over and Jesus - okay the man dressed as Jesus walked around the tomb and exited the stage. I leaned over to my mom and said, "And then Jesus exits stage left!" She just busted out laughing! We were in the front row and she was not happy with me for making her laugh out of the blue! I enjoyed it though. We left church and went home to hang out while my mom did her best Grandma stuff getting ready at her house. A couple hours later we went over and enjoyed a great bbq steak lunch. Then there is the Easter Egg hunt. My children may very well think that the Easter Bunny loves them best. Or maybe it is their Grandma. She insists it isn't. Even the adults have eggs to find. It is so much fun. Timmy has graduated to being an adult. So, I had to tackle him to steal the eggs from his pocket. He is just so much better at finding them than me. He was so kind and gave me 4 of his eggs. He loves his momma. The rest of the day was in my post below about going home, getting jammies on, eating Tim's chocolate bunny because he let me and I love Dove chocolate. Okay, Jorgena, I posted the pictures. I can let go of the blog guilt now! Thank you very much!

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