Friday, April 06, 2007

Funnies from Sebastian

This picture was from our trip to the SC zoo... Doesn't he seem right at home with the monkey?

I was in Sam's Club on Monday. I decided to try on some Reeboks. Why did Sam's stop carrying the Keds tennis shoes I have been buying for three years? I love them and I want a new pair! Oops... that is not what this post is about. Okay, I am standing there trying on a shoe. Sebastian is standing next to me. He looks up at me and says, "Mom, I will be right back, okay?" Ummm... I say, "No, Sebastian. That is not okay." In his very best nearly teenager voice, he says, "Mooooooommmm! I will be RIGHT BACK, okay?" Ummm... I say, "No Sebastian. You are ONLY TWO YEARS OLD. You will not be right back, okay." He gives me the biggest frown and sorta huffs at me like I have foiled his best plans. Last week, I told him to put his stuffed frog in his bed. He took it in there, set him in the bed and said, "Night, night" He turned around and got to the door and said to the frog, "See you soon!" What a silly boy! I love all of the talking he is doing right now. It just cracks me up!

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