Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Are you wanting anymore house info???

Have you heard all the house details you could ever possibly bare to hear? Can you stand yet another post about offers and counter offers and should we or shouldn't we? Or do you want to be left hanging, just wondering what happened next and what we decided? Well... maybe I should just wait. I guess that could be mean and nasty, so I won't wait. We played the offer and counter offer game 3 times over the last two days. AND... AND... AND... They accepted our last offer! Actually, our last offer was the same as the second to last offer because we didn't change it. We just had them resubmit it as our final offer. We do not have all the paperwork signed because there was a small mix-up over who will be paying how much of the closing costs. I am not sure how that will play out, but should know by tomorrow. If we get it all taken care of this house should close on May 15th. Now to sell this house! I told Tim I want a For Sale sign with a big bow on it for my birthday that is coming up! How it that for a gift? We are getting close to being ready to list it. Only a few more things to do. Actually, I have a blog post to show you one of my great house project accomplishments from last week. I just need to take a picture during the day. I will try to remember tomorrow!

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Anna from WP said...

Congrats on the house! You must be so relieved :)