Thursday, April 12, 2007


The Easter Bunny brought Sebastian a really cool bubble thing and extra awesome bubbles! Thanks to Sebastian's Aunt Karen, we learned about these bubbles that work so much better than anything else we have ever tried. She spent an evening blowing bubbles with him when we were in SC. I gave that news to the Easter Bunny and poof - we got great bubbles! If you have a toddler, run - do not walk - to your nearest Target and purchase these items. I have had so much extra peace this week because of this! He loves his bubbles. We did already lose a wand, but the great thing is there are THREE of them. Even better - the container does not spill! I love these things! The first item is called - Gazillion Bubble Solution . The second item is called No Spill Big Bubble Bucket . The first link is to Target. The second is to Amazon. They sell the Bubble Bucket at Target, but I coudln't find it on the Target website. They both run about $8.88. I know that is a little pricey for a bottle of bubbles, but I am telling you these bubbles work so much better than any other kind I have tried. Remember, I am cheap, cheap, cheap and I think they are worth it! Okay, this is my favorite toy of the season!

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