Sunday, February 10, 2008

Cast pictures - FINALLY...

I finally got my usb picture thingy out. So, here are the pictures of Savannah's lovely cast. We went to the doctor on Friday. They took 3 xrays through her cast. So far, so good. Her cast is getting more loose each day. She will go back this Friday and get a whole new long cast. She says she still wants a white cast because it is better draw on. I *think* she will keep this next long cast for two weeks and then get a shorter cast for 2 more weeks. I think that is how it is, but I am not positive. Savannah is getting around a lot better on her crutches. She has girl scouts tomorrow afternoon. When she first got her cast she told me that there was no way that she could go to anything the whole time she had a cast. She was very afraid to walk with the crutches. Now she is doing a whole lot better. We went to the doctor on Friday morning, then we went to Walmart. She flew around in the wheelchair! She kept wheeling away from her Grandma. It was a much needed outing! Now she has decided that she can INDEED go to girl scouts tomorrow. I am glad. I really didn't want her to be a hermit for 6 weeks. I will take pictures of her getting her new cast next week.

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