Thursday, February 21, 2008

"My milky ba is cussing!"

"My milky ba is cussing." Yes, that is what my 3 year old told me the other night. It all started with milk or more precisely Sebastian's problem with milk. He loves it. He really thinks he cannot live with out it. The thing is that milk and him just don't mix well. I wish they did. I have procrastinated on this milk thing for long enough. For those that don't like gross mommy talk - you may want to skip the next few sentences - Sebastian appears to be lactose intolerant. At least I am hoping that is the problem and not gluten intolerance. I took him off complete milk (well skim milk) cups before Christmas. That seemed to help with some of the huge quantity of poopy diapers. We basically give him a bottle of water with a few splashes of milk for color. It worked. He would drink it and it seemed to help with digestion. It still didn't fix his problems and unless we can get his poopy diapers under control, I don't think we will ever accomplish potty training. So... I decided to try splashing a bit of Silk Vanilla Soy Milk in his bottle of water. I put him to bed like I always do. Very soon he came out of his room and told me, "My milky ba is cussing!" over and over. I asked him to repeat himself slowly. Sure enough - he was saying "cussing". He was making all sorts of faces of digust too. The best I can figure is that we keep telling him "cussing" is "bad", so he somehow figured that word worked to describe how BAD is milky ba tasted. I guess! So, now we are going to try lactaid or some other kind of lactose free organic milk that my sister-in-law told me about. Pray he likes it and it works so we can get this potty training thing over with.

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Nicola said...

You might want to try goat's milk. A lot of people who think they are lactose intolerant actually are not. I don't know all the specifics but there is something in cow's milk that disagrees with them and this is not present in goat's milk. So, long story short, many people who can't drink cow milk can drink goat milk. You could google goat milk for more info.