Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Valentine's Day

I have at least 3 blog topics floating around in my head and I just haven't made myself sit down to write them out. So, this morning, I am writing one of them. There is a homeschool group here that does a Valentine's party. I wasn't sure Savannah would want to go especially since they would be doing relay race type games. Still, I was thinking about it about how I used to take Savannah to the homeschool parties when she was just 3 years old. Timmy was 13 and really had no interest in the little homeschool parties that were going on. I just went so Savannah could play and have fun. All of a suddent it occurred to me that even if she didn't want to go, I should take Sebastian. Afterall, he would love to hand out Valentines and play games. As it turned out, Savannah was feeling much better and decided she would like to go. I was soon informed that all children from our family bring paint cans as their decorated containers. My brother-in-law owns a painting company. Years and years ago, Debi started this tradition with her kids. I got the kids two clean paint cans to decorate and they went to it. Sebastian had a lot of fun with this. I am glad I had unpacked all of our foam sticky things. The next day we went to the party. There were quite a few kids there. Oddly enough, there were an unusual amount of little boys from about ages 2 to 4. I am guessing about 8 or so! Sebastian was just amazed. He ran around with them like a crazy man. When we got home he told me he "had so much fun!" It was so cute to hear him say that. Savannah met up with a couple girls from scouts. They were so kind to her. They sat down and shared snacks together. When the games began, they included her by playing Red Light Green Light with her. She got to call out the Red and Green. She had a really great time considering she was new AND had a cast up to her bottom! I enjoyed talking with the other moms. The only thing I miss about Florida is talking to my other mom friends. (And Patrick - Timmy's best friend - he is my other kid.) It was nice to chat a bit with them. I did feel slightly strange in a twilight zone way. These moms are the same moms that Debi had this group with for the last 10 years before she died. So many times, I would here her say I was talking with so and so and she said this and that. Or so and so had a baby, etc. It was very surreal being with all these people that I knew in name, but not by their face. Then I just missed Debi. I know I write about that a lot, probably too much. It is just something I need to work through. Then there was comfort in knowing that this was the group she was involved with and I felt like there was a reason that my life had changed and put me in this place. It was a very DEEP Valentine's party! Oh... just kidding. These were all just fleeting thoughts. Anyway, they had a great time. I am hoping to see more of the group and get the kids out playing with more of the kids.

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