Tuesday, February 19, 2008

A new cast...

This past Friday, Savannah went to the doctor to get her stitches out and get a new cast. She was not really sure about the saw and cutting the cast. Then when the nurse started to take the stitches out, she really started to lose it. The doctor came in and suggested another way to take the stitches out. I don't know what the difference was, but it was better for her. I glanced over at her ankle and quickly looked away. I am NOT good with any medical stuff. When I say NOT GOOD - I should be saying AWFUL or whatever is worse than AWFUL - ummm... TERRIBLE - MOST AWFUL AND TERRIBLE. Well, you get the idea. I can't handle it. I literally started hyperventilating once when I saw a spot of blood on Tim's hospital gown from a surgery he had. I am a wimp. Anyway, back to my daughter. The doctor says she is doing good and her ankle looks good. I am glad he could tell me that because I didn't think it looked good at all. If he hadn't told me that, I would be hysterical right now thinking she would never walk again. We have to go back at the end of the month. He will do an xray without the cast on and decide if we can go with a shorter cast at that point. I sure hope that is how it works out.

The SAW! I had another picture of her using the saw, but Savannah looks scared to death in it. I don't think she would like that on my blog.

With the bandage it doesn't look nearly as frightening. It is what is UNDERNEATH the bandage that freaked me out quite a bit. I asked her if I could snap a picture for her dad, but she said no. I don't know if I could get a picture without actually looking anyway and I was NOT going to be looking.

This side shows how it is still swollen.

This is the very nice Dr. McCain. Savannah made him a very large painted THANK YOU picture. He told her he put it in his locker outside of surgery. He said when he has a bad day, he looks at it and remembers why he does what he does.

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