Monday, February 11, 2008

My little pyros...

One of Tim's favorite things of moving here has been burning things. He has been burning boxes, garbage, pine needles, brush and logs. Now I don't want to make is sound as if TIM is the only one enjoying this. Uh uh - nope - no way! All three of my kids have the fire bug. They love that dad is burning things at least a couple nights a week and at least once every weekend. Savannah, sadly, can't make it down to the backyard right now. There is nothing keeping Sebastian inside though. He was out on Thursday night helping Tim clear the underbrush. I cannot tell you how nervous this child makes me! Tim really wanted me to hang out with him and talk, but my smallest pyro child was giving me fits! He would lay down on the ground and commando crawl to the fire with a stick. With all his might he would throw pine needles into the fire. He would catch the end of his stick on fire and then try to light another fire with it. I was screaming the whole time, but Tim just kept telling me he was watching him. I eventually calmed down and enjoyed the talking time with Tim. Saturday night, Tim sat outside burning more wood till the early morning hours. That was his 4th evening of fires in a week. You would have thought he had his fill. NOPE! He had Sebastian out there yesterday afternoon doing - you guessed it - burning more logs. It does give me a nice break except that I have to keep bathing the dirty, smoky smelling, happy boy each time he comes in. Oh well... I think his memories of fires with dad outweigh the work of lots of baths. Oh and remember this - "It's a pyro thing" ?

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