Tuesday, August 19, 2008

I am back...

My laptop is finally fixed! WooHoo! I have so many things to blog about and not enough hours in the day. I do have new motivation though. I want to try to blog daily or at least every other day. Then I plan to print my blog out and mail it off to Timmy. I figure he will get pictures and details of what is going here. Of course, my mind is scattered as to what to write about first. Obviously, there was Timmy leaving. I actually did pretty well. I didn't cry at all the first week. I think because Jessica was here and I was really busy taking the kids to VBS. The next week was harder though. I did really well until this past Friday. Then I started to go downhill and miss him a whole lot. I have been cleaning up his room. Did somebody not tell my son that if you plan to move out for 4 years, you may want to take your laundry out of the dryer? Then Tim was missing him. He wrote him a sweet letter that just made me cry. I mailed it off to Timmy, yesterday.

Besides all of this, we started school last week. I am trying to get the groove, but it is going to take some time. I have lots of plans this year and it includes other people. That means I have to be organized and on top of things. I need some super, master schedule on my dining room wall that tells me what the heck I am supposed to be doing and when. We are off to the Lake Murray Beach this afternoon for a homeschool day. I am going to leave you with some pictures we took before Timmy left. I will be back to write all sorts of interesting things at some point.

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Chucki the Parrothead said...

(((hugs))) I can't imagine mine leaving yet.