Thursday, August 21, 2008

The lawsuit...

Awhile back I asked for some prayer for a few things. One of those things was a pending lawsuit against us from our lake association. It was a very, very long story with lots of details. We really didn't feel like we had to join the association according to the covenants. I was even told by three lawyers that it was optional. The thing was that if we didn't join, they could try to sue us for all sorts of crazy stuff like drainage into the lake. They wanted us to pay an assessment that was billed to the previous owners (a bank foreclosure). After several trips to our original closing lawyer, he finally decided to share with us that we had what he called "Plus Title Insurance". Apparently, this PLUS covers more things than the traditional title insurance. Why this man did not tell me this weeks and weeks ago when I first called him, I have no idea. Once he told me this and gave me contact information, I was able to get a claim rolling. They paid the $3800 and the lien/lawsuit was dismissed. We still had to join the association. We are pretty sure that there will be more lake repair assessments down the road and that will cost us money. We felt sure we did not have to join, but to prove that - we would have had to hire a lawyer and fight to not join. Then if we won and didn't join, we would have to hope they didn't sue us for drainage damage. We just decided the easiest solution was to join and hope the assessments came down the road when we could hopefully afford them. That is a whole long story in a nutshell! I wanted to thank anyone and everyone who said a prayer for us. I was really, really stressed about this. I kept just trying to give it over to God and let him figure it out. In the end, that is exactly what happened.

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