Monday, August 11, 2008

Ramblings from Sebastian...

Sebastian has had a few funnies in the past week or so. Sometimes I just have to stop and try not to laugh at the things he comes up with.

Last week at VBS, we were singing and watching a Bible story acted out. He didn't really want to be still for all of this. He stands up and proclaims, "I'm outa here!" Oh, really? I wondered if he had a car waiting for him out front.

Next up at VBS - several times he tells me he is "about done with this" - It is hard to portray the frustration he had in writing - but I think I probably tell him "I am about done with this" at least 5 times a day. Funny how they use your words on you.

Yesterday during a potty training moment. He is sitting on the toilet trying desperately to poop. He looks up at me and says, "My butt is just retarded." How do you not laugh at that one? I apologize to anyone that is offended by the word retarded (he lives around teenagers - it is a teenager word - right?).

Finally - I threw all of his pacifiers away yesterday. I know, I know - How could he still have a paci? Believe me, I was one of those moms that mocked people with preschoolers and pacifiers. Then I had one of those kids. With my other two, the minute they gave up naps - their pacifiers were gone. Sebastian is still napping. I couldn't stand the thought of the end of naps a year ago - now I am okay with no napping. Anyway, they are gone. I was explaining to him that everyone had to grow up at some points in their life. He tells me very sternly - "I don't want to grow up! I want to go down!" That's my boy!


Anonymous said...

sooo cute!
I know what you mean and the pacifier!
I had a son who would SCREAM without it.. so naturally he had it ALOT. But we went to get a family picture taken at Sears and HE HAS HIS PACIFIER IN HIS MOUTH! No one could believe I would do that- but you know what? That is still one of my favorite family pictures. ( 6 years later!)
They grow up too fast as it is- you go Sabastian!

Anonymous said...

LOL "retarded" doesn't bother me as much as "butt"!