Friday, October 24, 2008

Little hands...

I have a lot of things to blog about and hopefully, little by little, I will get to them. It has been a busy week of unpacking, laundry and grocery shopping - with some school time thrown in where we could fit it. This morning, I read one of my favorite blogs - Amazing Trips. Jen - the author - is having a tough time deciding what is right for her triplets and her career. Full time work, part time work, full time Montessori, part-time Montessori, homeschool and a whole bunch of stuff. I feel for her. I have struggled with similar decisions in my life. Not exactly REAL career decisions, because generally I have just had a job, not a career. I left her a comment and it has been on my mind today. It was sorta long and I don't want to repeat it all here. The main part of it was about how quickly they grow up. Just last night, I was sitting here reading an email about a Marine being overseas. It brought tears to my eyes as I wondered when my very own son would be heading overseas. I closed my eyes and I could see his little face when he was about Sebastian's age. I am proud of him and who he has become, but boy - I ask myself over and over again - just where did that time go? I know that it is not possible that all moms need or want to be home with their kids. I know that is just not the right choice for each and everyone's family. I also know that it is right for my family. When Timmy was 4 years old, I worked full time. Yes, I missed some of his really frustrating battles from that age. I also missed a whole bunch of fun things from that age. Now, I am here with Sebastian. Some days I am so tired, I can barely think straight. Right this very minute, Savannah and Sebastian are screaming at each other. I am not loving this moment exactly. I remind myself it is brief and it will be gone before I know it. I am not a perfect mom. I get tired and I scream. I am loud and I get annoyed. I don't have the patience of a saint by any means. I just do the very best that I can each and every day. That brings me to this afternoon. I bought another 80lbs of hamburger that needs to be repackaged into smaller bags. It would be much easier to do this by myself. I could do it much quicker and with less mess. I am also going to make 14lbs of meatballs. Sebastian wants to help. His little hands want to do the work with me. There have been moments when I just want to tell him to scoot away and let me get my work done. Then I remembered my words to Jen at Amazing Trips. I told her they grow up in a blink of an eye. I know because I have seen it happen with my first. So, I am praying for patience and letting him fill these bags with me. It won't be all that long that he may be several states away and I will be missing him more than I could have ever imagined.

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