Friday, October 17, 2008

Our soldier...

Hey there. Some of you I have talked to or in some way got in touch with you, but the rest of you I haven't. Anyway, the good news is my son is AMAZING! The not so great news is that he missed passing his PT test by less than 10 seconds. Man, that stung to hear. I felt so stinking bad for him. Apparently, it showed on my face. I was sitting on the ground waiting for him to come down. His 1st sgt came over to me and asked me who I was waiting for. I told him and he asked me if I knew he didn't pass by such a close call. I told him I did. He went on to tell me how amazing Tim II was. He told me that he wished he had more of him because he had heart and integrity. Some of his guys come by this stuff really easy and they don't really realize their potential. He told me that he firmly felt that if Tim II hadn't had all the health issues he would have passed with flying colors. He went on to say that he had cut his run time significantly since he had arrived. All of that was great to hear, but my heart still hurt because I thought I would only get to see him on Thursday. This man went on to tell me that he would see about the weekend pass for him. As of right now, we are hoping for Saturday and Sunday, but we may even get Friday. We just have to wait and see. Here is the next good thing, when Timmy came out... my little boy had turned into this man. He looks awesome! He didn't come out whining or complaining. He gave me a hug and boy did my tears flow. I just missed him so stinking much! While we spent the day with him, he told me some things. He is sorta good with going on to FTU to get more physical training because you have to run even faster in AIT or you lose privileges. He said he would rather go on to this now than have a tougher time in AIT. This seems to be a well thought out process. For this mom, it pretty much guarantees he will be home for Christmas because AIT shuts down then. One final thing, my sister-in-law, Karen sent me an email about God's plans. She reminded that God may have had an excellent plan for him to head off to FTU for awhile. It may be to keep him safe at some point or meet his mate. It may be just as simple as spending one more Christmas at home. It may be for any number of reasons, but it is all part of God's plan for him. It helped for me to get that perspective from her. Did I mention that I have an amazing family? Anyway, I appreciate all of you and your thoughts and prayers. I will keep you all updated on our new, long and winding road.


Anonymous said...

Kari, after reading your last couple sentences about God's plans, I have tell you this. When I was in basic, I had a hard time with pushups. I had to go to FTU before I could even start basic. The problem with that was that my AIT only started 3 or 4 times a year because it was an 18 week course or something like that. Very intensive so they only had a few classes a year. Well I missed the start of the class I was timed to go into because of being at FTU. When I got to Ft. Sam Houston where my AIT was I found out that I was a week late for that class I had to wait till the next class started in 3 months. I had to sit around Ft. Sam for 3 months doing details of various types. The next class started 3 months later and I was in it.

I met DH in that class! Had I not been delayed at FTU, I wouldn't have met him. Our paths wouldn't have crossed and I would not be the person I am today. (That's the long story short version.) So just keep up the happy thoughts about this because it will all work out for the best in the end!!!!

shell in sc (from the WTM board)

Nancy Ford said...

He looks amazing, give him a hug for me.