Saturday, October 25, 2008

More words from Sebastian...

I did A LOT of driving during our trip out to Oklahoma. Tim takes prescription meds that make him pretty sleepy when he gets in the highway mode. He just prefers not to drive if he doesn't have to. That means I drove nearly 2900 miles over 10 days. Apparently, this had an impact on my youngest child. The last few days we have been home, I have had my very own cheerleader. When I pull into the driveway to park, Sebastian tells me, "Good job, mom! You did it just right!" When I turned onto a road today, he told me, "Good try mom... you got the turn really good!" He has been cheering me on with all of my driving this past week. Lots of "you drived good, mom!" as we go along! What a silly boy!

I probably shouldn't put this here, but I want to remember it a long time from now because it made me laugh really hard. One of the nights that we had to drop Tim II off at the Army base, we found another Army family having car trouble. Since Tim is a mechanic, he stopped to help. It was late and after a long day. Savannah and Sebastian were in the back of the car getting restless. Sebastian was just annoying his sister and then he was annoying me. I told him if he didn't stop, I was going to pull him out of the car and spank him. A minute went by in silence. Then he said, "Then are you going to run me over with the car?!" My mom was on the phone with me and heard him say it. She just busted out laughing! Now, I sware I would never do that, but oh, how my son makes me laugh! What a goof ball!

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