Saturday, September 20, 2008

Applesauce the pioneer way...

Savannah and Karís are still studying Kirsten, an American Girl. She is about 10 years old in 1854. One of the things they did was learn to make applesauce. They learned about how they also dried apples rings by hanging them all over the sides of their houses. The girls peeled and peeled and peeled apples. My hands hurt watching them! I would have used a paring knife, but they used peelers. Then we just sliced them up with the apple corer slicer thingy - my very technical term for it. You just add some water and cook. So simple. Then you add a touch of cinnamon. I had no idea that it was that simple to make applesauce! I think this was a big success with them. I am really glad they are learning so much and having fun at the same time!

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