Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Happy Meals and Power Rangers

My list has been long these last couple of weeks. I am busy - there is no doubt about that. I still try to think of what to blog about as I run around in a crazy frenzy on most days. Two weekends ago, Tim and I took the kids to Burger King. We didn't really have a point of our day. It was on Sunday and we just sorta needed to "get out". We went to BK because they have an awesome playground. We gathered up our books on planting fruit trees. The idea was that the kids could play and we could discuss all the wonderful trees we hope to plant. Sebastian doesn't really eat a kids meal. The child has NEVER eaten a hamburger! Unless you are a vegetarian - this is pretty odd. Generally, I don't want to buy him a WHOLE kids meal just for a toy. Savannah usually ends up being the big sister and just letting him have her toy. On this particular day, I had coupons for kids meals. They were 99 cents and for that price it was worth just getting him one for for fries, drink and toy. When we walked in the kids ran to the display. They are giving out Neopets. I have to admit they are pretty darn cute. Yes, I will say this... I really like some of the fast food toys. Some are just dumb, but some are cute and worth playing with. I actually have 2 or 3 clear storage bins that are separated into various kids meal toys. Remember the Lilo and Stitch toys or the Tigger and Pooh bear ones? We have several different varieties. My only requirement is that they actually play with them otherwise they get tossed out at some point. Anyway, where was I going with this... Oh... so Sebastian and Savannah were opening their toys and they were so thrilled. All of a sudden my mind was SUCKED back to Timmy being little. This boy LOVED Power Rangers with all of his being. He lived and breathed them. (As a side note... Sebastian has never seen a Power Ranger. Sometimes you learn as a parent!) Tim and I went down to Fort Myers for our 5 year anniversary. We arrived a little after 9pm. We checked into our hotel on the beach. We decided to go down and walk around a bit. We found a McDonald's right by the hotel. When we went inside we saw the display with Power Ranger toys. At this point, I was already missing Timmy and we had only been gone for about 3.5 hours. Tim and I began this crazy quest to purchase ALL of the toys for Timmy. The guy behind the counter thought we were nuts. At that time, you could buy the toys without the meal for about a $1 each. We made the guy sort through the boxes and find one of each. Then we took our stash and happily ate our cheeseburgers. We enjoyed the rest of our weekend and headed home. I was so excited to share these toys with Timmy. I don't think there was any Fort Myers souvenir he would have loved more. Anyway, I don't really know what the point was of all this. I guess just to share what is going on in my mind. I was just sitting there in Burger King watching my two younger kids be thrilled with a little stuffed penguin. I could see Timmy's little face being thrilled with a Power Ranger. It made me, once again, realize just how quickly my little ones will grow up. Time... it just goes so very fast.

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