Saturday, September 06, 2008

St. Lucia Rolls

The girls chose several recipe's from Kirsten's cookbook. Kirsten is a 10 year old girl growing up in Minnesota in 1854. She is a pioneer from Sweden. One of the things they learned about was the Swedish tradition of St. Lucia Day. They are celebrating the shortest day of winter. The oldest daughter would wake up in the middle of the night and make these St. Lucia rolls. Then she would put on a special outfit and a crown of candles on her head. She would go from room to room with a tray of rolls and coffee waking everyone up to celebrate. Lucia means light and the idea was that she was bring light to the darkest day. They still celebrate this in Sweden, but they don't use real candles anymore. The funny thing is that Savannah and Karis wanted to tape flashlights to their heads to deliver these. Apparently they do something similar to that now - without the tape - I would imagine! They had a great time learning about this and making these rolls. I think we will be making applesauce next week!
Finished product!

They are rolling oil around their bowls to coat the surface.

St. Lucia baker number 1.

St. Lucia baker number 2.

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