Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Sebastian is 4 years old today!

We have a whole family Diego party planned for tonight. Well, technically, it is a Diego and Puppies party since we are celebrating both Savannah and Sebastian's birthdays tonight. I will post pictures of that at some point. On one hand, I can't believe he is 4 years old already. On the other hand, I feel like he has really been here for 4 years. It is hard to explain I guess. He is my busy guy. He keeps me on my toes - always. Never a dull moment, that is for sure. Today, we are painting his pinata and getting it ready for his party. We have a busy day ahead of us, but I wanted to post this picture and send the post off to Timmy. On Sunday, Sebastian was out riding his scooter with Tim. He wanted to "pretend" to crash because crashing is just so cool. Well... the thing is that he really did crash! Silly boy! Tim brought him in about 10 minutes before Savannah's birthday party was going to start. The bump on his head was HUGE! I felt like I may faint. I am not kidding. I don't do well with these things. Where the heck was Timmy when I needed him. He is my medical trauma person. Daddy did just fine though. Sebastian wanted me to KISS his bump! Oh Lord... that was a tough one for me! No need to fear that he is terrified of his scooter now. Nope... he wants to try that whole crash again - his words - not mine! All boy! My dear 4 year old... here is to another year of twists and turns and ups and downs and a wonderful and exciting adventures with you! Happy Birthday to my busy, little guy!

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