Thursday, September 04, 2008

Pictures for Timmy

We grabbed him for a picture before he went back to work.

I forgot to share this funny that he said a few weeks ago at VBS...
A teacher asked him if he went by Sebi for short or was it just Sebastian...
He replied, "Mr. Sebastian." Now he really has the look!

Timmy asked for some pictures, so we did a mini family photo shoot. I know I said I would try to post more since I would be mailing the them to Timmy. I am just amazed at how busy life seems to be at the moment. I have so many things I want to do and not enough hours in the day. I talked to Timmy on Monday night and he was pretty sick with a lung infection. I have been stressing since Monday. I knew something was wrong all day. I am really starting to miss him a lot. I think the first couple of weeks, it was like he was on vacation. Now, I finished cleaning up his room and it seems like he is so not here! I don't like it! I will post pictures of his room - not that it is anything special, but I gotta write about something right? You will notice in the pictures that Sebastian got his hair cut short - short! Now, I keep calling him Timmy. I think the hair reminds me of him as a little boy and I think he is just so heavy on my mind. Sebastian keeps telling me he looks just like Timmy too!

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