Friday, September 19, 2008

Simple pleasures...

Watching the tow truck!
Being silly!
The wonderful spool table!

Earlier this week, we were going about a pretty typical day. I was cleaning up the house, Savannah was working on school. Well, okay, she really was working on her writing assignment. She just happened to be sitting in a chair out in the front yard because the weather was cool. She HAD to get outside - so I sent her out to do her writing. She was in pure bliss! Sebastian was playing Starfall on the computer. Tim called my cell phone. He asked if I was busy. Well... yes and no. We were all occupied doing some particular thing. Nothing that couldn't be dropped at a moment's notice though. He said that the other guys had gone out to lunch and he had volunteered to stay behind to watch the office. He wanted me to bring the kids down and have lunch with him. HOORAY! Our kids love going out to see daddy! At first, I thought I would grab them Burger King. It is almost right next door to his work. Then I remembered that I was trying really hard to not spend extra $$$ on fast food. I quick made some sandwiches for us and grabbed a bag of chips. We got to his work and I am not kidding you - Sebastian's eyes were just scanning the shop. I mean he was just taking it all in. As if he had never been there before. He has been there - just not for a whole lot of time. As I said earlier, it was actually cool out! We decided to eat outside on what is now considered a super awesome spool table. Ummm... it is just a rickety, old construction spool. I am amazed at what my kids find to be such a treat. Eating out back of a mechanic shop, on an old wooden spool, with broken down chairs was such a treat. Daddy got them orange soda - another super delight! That is not all though... a tow truck came to tow off a car. Sebastian was very serious about watching this. "What is the truck saying?" That is his new question to any sound. I keep telling him that I don't know because I don't speak truck, dog, bird, etc. Anyway, when I started my blog, I wanted to write about these kinds of things. Simple, crazy everyday blessings. This lunch on a September afternoon falled into that. As much as there are problems here, problems with Tim's shop being busy and providing work, we are very blessed that he is just 3 miles from home. We are very blessed that he has a very kind boss that doesn't mind when he shows up and sees us all eating out back. We are very blessed that we have the opportunity to drop schoolwork and housekeeping to go meet daddy on a whim. The only thing missing was Timmy. Not that he would have been around to go with us, but I still missed him while I was sitting there. I hope you find simple blessings in your day!

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Anonymous said...

Reading this brings me back to my own magical moments as a child and the magical moments my children share with their Dad. Going to the place where Dad goes almost every day so that he can take care of them is priceless.