Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Museum Field Trip

We went on a field trip to the museum yesterday. I was debating on going or not. There were three homeschool things that we could attend this week and I was trying to decide which one would be worth the time, effort, etc. The first was this field trip. The second was a park day with some new homeschoolers we have not met yet. The third was another sort of park day with petting zoo with those same new homeschoolers. I was torn between going to the field trip where I was pretty sure there would be some people we already knew at least a little bit or going out to meet some new people. Ultimately, I asked my niece, Karís what she thought of a previous field trip she had been on. She had been to this particular museum before and done candle making. She told me she LOVED that field trip and had a lot of fun. That convinced me to stick with the field trip and try to catch the other homeschoolers next week. The field trip was a 2 hour program about Native Americans. We had a pretty good turn out of kids and Savannah did know some of them. She was very happy she got to spend the afternoon with them. As it turned out, we had just studied some Native American history that morning. It was fun to see some of the items we had just read about. Savannah and Karís had gotten to the part in their Meet Kirsten book that was talking about Native American children. One of the things they learned was that the Native Americans believed that a baby had three mothers - Mother Earth, their biological mother and the cradle board that they spent most of their first year in. When we got to the museum, we got to see a cradle board. Savannah thought that was pretty cool. One of the guides showed them all sorts of animal skins and talked about tracks, uses for the animal, etc. The woman guide showed us musical instruments and played traditional games with them. They also got to dance around playing the instruments. All it all, it was a good field trip and I am very glad we went. I think I would like to plan another one for a different program they offer.

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