Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Boy, it sure is nice to have family and friends that love you...

Well, I posted my post on Monday and by evening time my friend, Jorgena, had called me. She had read my blog that morning and then checked it once again before she left for work. She called to see if I was okay. I poured out my thoughts and concerns to her and she listened just like she has since we were 12 years old. She didn't take offense that I said I wanted to stay home when she is a working mom. She didn't tell me I should take the other job. She just listened to me. When I was done babbling about my issues, she told me that her little boy, T.J. is having a kidney biopsy on Friday. I sat there stunned. I knew that T.J. had this illness that effects his kidneys. I knew a biopsy was possible. All of a sudden, my work problem seems so very small. I can't imagine how scared she is about her little 4 year old boy being sick. I have great faith he will be okay and if you are inclined to pray for him, please, please do so. I have a very good friend that I met in the lunchroom back in Junior High so many years ago. Please, God, heal her little boy and give Jorgena and Tim the strength to get through. Later that night, my other sister, Leann, called me. We have a good relationship, but we don't really talk all that much. Not because there is anything wrong, we just don't seem to call one another to chat. She reads my blog daily. She saw my post and then she called. I talked her ear off. Leann may be losing her job too, but she still listened to me. I have a good, good sister that is praying for me everyday. Later that night, I saw an email from my sister-in-law, Karen. She had read my blog and sent me a letter to tell me that she, my other sister-in-laws Jennifer and Crystal were praying for me. The next day my ex-boss and friend, Linda, called just to check on me. We talked for quite awhile and we told each other we were still friends. What a nice thing for her to do. Monday evening, my friend Susie had called. We talked for awhile and I told her what had happened. She was very nice and tried to offer me some ideas of what we could do. She saw some of our mutual mom friends and filled them in. I found a realtor price comparison in my email box from one of those friends. She knew I would probably be wanting that and she took the time to get it right to me and send me some really nice words. I also received an email from Cheri - the nice lady that made Savannah's dress. She emailed to tell me she would pray for me. How sweet was that? I have never even met her, but she took the time to send me a nice note and pray for me. Today, my friend, Vickie, came to pick Savannah up for her science class. She told me how sorry she was about my job and she really meant it. It was nice to see her and hear that somebody else was thinking about me. Then, today, I went to my mailbox and found a card. My sister, Michelle, that lives literally less than a mile from me had mailed me a beautiful card. Wow! How great of a sister is that? Of course, my mom has listened to me call her about every hour these last 3 days to just keep talking through all the thoughts going through my head. I gotta love my mom. Then there is my husband. He has been so wonderful. I point blank asked him if he was sure that he was okay we me staying home without a job, even if that meant moving. I asked him again and again and again. Yes, I really am obsessive at most things. He told me he was sure that was where he wanted me to be and we would do whatever that would take. How can you not feel loved by that? So, today, this week, I have seen and felt how many people love me and care about me and pray for me... what an awesome feeling that is!

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