Sunday, October 08, 2006

My company family picnic...

I work for a fairly large company - something like 1500 people. In the past, every other year, they had a family picnic. For some reason they skipped an extra year, but finally they brought it back this year. I really look forward to the family picnic. On the off years they do the fancy, smancy Christmas Party. I have worked there for 12 years and never attended the Christmas Party. It is just not really mine and Tim's thing. We have gone to every family picnic though. It is lots of food, games, rides, and prizes. We used to take Timmy when he was younger, then we added Savannah in. This year was the first time Sebastian got to go. I wasn't sure how he do, but he was great! He walked the huge park area like a trooper. He played games, ate his first snowcone, a cookie, a hot dog, a bag of chips and a cup of Sierra Mist. That is A LOT for a kid that never eats! Savannah had a friend spend the night on Friday, so we brought her with. I think that made it even better for Savannah. She had a buddy to pal around with and ride the rides, etc. Now, my husband is also a sucker for carnival games. Never mind they are simple ones because my company expects you to win prizes. They pay for them and they had every one out by the end of the picnic. He doesn't care. We got there and he wanted to get right over to the games to be sure "our kids" got the nice stuff before they were gone. I know that makes him sound greedy. He really isn't. You have to look at it the other way that he wanted the kids to get some fun prizes and make them happy. They managed to win smaller monkeys and pretty large gorillas. Along with a lot of other little odds and ends. They rode ponies, spinning stawberries and climbed all sorts of those blow up air things. In between, they feasted on snow cones, cotton candy, cookies, hot dogs, chips, and soda. I know... if you are a health food nut... please disregard that. When we left they got to take a mini pumpkin home. They could have painted it there, but it was just so darn hot. We just decided to decorate them at home. It was a nice day, except a little hot. I am thinking November would be better in Florida. Oh well, nice anyway. You know why I think I look forward to family picnics like this so much??? When I was a kid, my mom and dad belonged to the 3rd Ward Club. It was a social club and in the summer they had family picnic. I remember my dad giving us tickets and we could get so much ice cream and ride the spinning rides. I remember looking for change in a hay stack and playing bingo with my mom. Those picnics were some of the absolute best days of my life. There is just nothing like those memories. I was a super lucky kid to get to do those things. I hope my kids remember these company picnics where their dad was determined to golf the hole in one game until he one them the prize and how many times they road the ponies and well you get the idea.

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