Sunday, October 15, 2006

I changed my format again...

Do NOT ask me why I was googling for free blog formats after midnight last night Hadn't I been up since very, very early and hadn't put on a birthday party, only to leave for another birthday party that evening? I was TIRED! No, make that EXTREMELY TIRED! This is what happened... for some really unknown reason the graphics on my blog were not showing on my laptop. None of my sidebar was there. I looked on our desk computer and they were there. Being the obsessive person that I am, this was making me nuts. I hate it when I can't figure these computer things out. Then I get to thinking that, you - my fellow readers - may be missing my sidebar too. Then you may be wondering where the heck it went and that my lead you to wonder if I ever plan to fix it or possibly you could just be like me and it could bug the heck out of you all DAY long! Or maybe you will stop reading my blog and then I would be sad... I love to see how many people came to read my blog each day. I am wondering if this is a new addiction people have - checking their blog counter for that little piece of satisfaction. Then I worry that those who read my blog, who may stop reading it, may miss some really important thing I might type like Sebastian ate the mail today or Savannah made every Winter Promise paper project this week. What would I do if you missed that? I am not certain you could continue a full and good life without my stories. THEN... I would feel guilty that I did that to you and my life would take a turn for the worse and it would be so sad. I may end up on the street with no hope - okay, probably not because I really like my home and I would probably just be sad and leave it at that. You get the idea... Oh, this could go on and on...Gee, this is starting to sound like that book If You Give A Mouse a Cookie! All of this led to me deciding to find a Autumn looking blog template. I did find one. Here is the problem though. It gives you the basic look I have now, but the pretty pictures I have to put on a web hosting site like or something like that. I did this once before when I posted trip pictures on a forum last year. I need to retrace my steps, figure out how to upload the graphics, then fix the html code on my template and THEN my autumn blog may have pictures. Sounds really simple, right? Oh where are those teenage boys when I need them? I am fairly certain they could figure this out much quicker than I could. I am on a mission for fall leaves... stay tuned!

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