Monday, October 02, 2006

Savannah is 8 years old today...

Savannah is 8 years old today. I don't know how it happened, but somehow she keeps growing up. Each of my children's births were wonderful days for me, but Savannah's was different than the boys. Grant me a trip back to before she was born... In 1995 I had a miscarriage. I was sad and angry and afraid of the unknown. I desperately wanted a baby, but the smart thing to do was wait a little longer to buy our house, etc. So, we waited and waited and waited for what seemed like forever to me. On Christmas of 1997, Tim put a baby pacifier in my stocking. It was his gift to me to tell me it was time to try for that baby. I cried so hard when I saw this little pacifier. It only took a week to conceive our Savannah and by the end of January, we knew we were expecting. After what seemed like the longest pregnancy ever with some sad news along the way (my dad passed away) we welcomed our little girl into this world. When I had her I can't explain my emotions. It was like the end of my sadness had come. I was finally holding my baby girl in my arms. I could not stop crying no matter how hard I tried. She was my angel. I felt like my whole world had come together the moment she entered our lives. I guess the word is that she healed my soul. That was 8 years ago. I know there are moms of all boys out there that are happy and know that is what God had planned for them, but for me... I needed a little girl. I love having a girl to share all the girly things with. She is my best friend. I am so grateful I get to spend my days with her learning all these new things. The video is called In My Daughter's Eyes. We bought the cd a couple years ago. When Savannah hears it she says she is going to dance with her daddy to this song at her wedding. I love this song because it sums up all my feelings of my love for my daughter. Happy Birthday Savannah! I love you very much!

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