Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Savannah's Birthday Party

This past Saturday we had Savannah's birthday party with all her friends. She wanted a Horse themed party because she really likes the Saddle Club show on Discovery Kids. I was really surprised to find that they don't really sell all that much for horse themed parties. I sorta thought that was a traditional girl request at some time or another. Anyway, we did find some cute plates and napkins - they were out of the banner stuff, but we survived. I wasn't planning on doing a craft at her party this year, but she was really bummed when she heard that. After some quick thinking I came up with making necklaces. Savannah has tons of beads to make things with. I bought these large flat beads for them to put horse stickers on. That didn't work out because we couldn't get the string through the beads. Oh well, they made necklaces without horses and were happy anyway. Am I a bad mom if I say I wasn't planning to do a pinata this year either? Yep, I figured we had done at least 4 years of pinatas and they would be tired of it. NOPE! Off we went in search of a horse pinata. We didn't find an actual horse, but we found a kind of My Little Pony one and she was happy to get that. I have to say the girls always love the pinata and I don't know what I was thinking in not getting one. Remind me of that next year, okay? Our next game was with sugar cubes (you know how horses like sugar cubes?). I had them do a relay race stacking sugar cubes on a spoon. They seemed to think that was fun, but really they were all very excited to EAT a sugar cube! How funny! We had cake and ice cream and opened presents. The rest of the time they just played. It wasn't as busy as some of our parties have been with planned things, but they are all older now. They just assume go off and play and that works for me. The last think I did, I don't have a picture of... but I took a bandana and wrapped a toy horse and some other stuff in it sort of like a napsack. They all got a kick out of getting a new bandana - especially the brownies that are headed to camp this weekend. They need a bandana to tie their water cup to their belt loop. It was a fun party!

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