Thursday, October 12, 2006

Hey... Tusie Leann... I ate it all up... all gone!!!

My sister, Leann, sent Sebastian some organic baby food when she mailed his birthday present. She knew he was an extremely picky eater and thought maybe this would be something to try. I casually opened the container and sat it next to him at dinner time. I knew if I made a fuss and told him how GOOD it was, he would never eat it. I knew if I put it ON his plate, he would never eat it. I knew it had to be a subtle thing sitting on the table that would grab his attention and he would think he had found something all on his own? Are there any other parents out there that have strange kids like this one? He is very peculiar about the whole eating thing. He only likes a handful of things and I know people always tell me... he will eat if he is hungry enough. Yeah, right. I have tried not giving him the 5 things he likes thinking he will eventually get hungry enough to try something new. HA! HA! He would go days and not eat. I am not kidding you. I haven't taken his milk away only because I know what a fuss that would cause. He only drinks skim milk. Last February, I was dying from a cold. I ran out of whole milk and gave him the skim milk that everyone else drinks. I know this may not be nice to say about my baby, but he was crabby his whole first year of life. He whined every evening for what seemed like forever. Then I gave him only skim milk for a few days. Not because I was trying to figure his whining out, but because I was too sick to get to the store for whole milk. This child changed overnight. Suddenly, he would play with a toy occasionally and he was not whining. I finally did make it to the store and I gave him one bottle of whole milk - by that afternoon he was whining again. That was it - no more whole milk for this child. His doctors all say he needs it because he is quite skinny, but I don't care what they say. I would rather have a happy and skinny child than a normal weight and crabby child. Anyway, thanks for sending the organic baby food Leann. He loved it and I am so relieved to have one more food to add to his list.

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Leann said...

I'm not trying to be a health food nut, but the organic foods do seem to be a lot gentler on the body. They do have organic milk and Chris and Josh love it when I make organic chocolate chip cookies. I use organic sugar, organic flour and when I can afford it organic butter. the cookies taste light and delicious and don't cause me any heartburn which most chocolate chip cookies do. OK enough health food lesson. Glad Sebastion liked the food.