Monday, October 02, 2006

Sebastian is 2 years old!!!

Sebastian turned 2 on Saturday. I wanted to post that day, but I was running around looking for outdoor playsets for him. At the last minute, my mom and I decided to try to get him something for the backyard. I didn't have much luck finding anything I wanted, but I did find a really cool gift for him from my mom. She got him one of those big, bouncing, rocking horses! He loves it. I spent way too much time running around, then I had to make his cake, wrap his present, order pizza, have a party, etc! It was busy, busy, busy. For those of you who are wondering how we came up with a Jack's Big Music show party after I said there were no birthday supplies available... Tim came up with a brilliant idea! My sister, Michelle, had bought these plates at Christmas time. They are the plastic plates where you can color a picture and insert it underneath the plate. She got them for us to all color our own Christmas plates. Anyway, Tim remembered we had them and said why don't we print out Jack pictures and make our own plates! Then I printed a picture of Jack and his friends, laminated it, put 3 sticks on the back and decorated his cake with it. Finally, we added a few printed pictures on our decorations. Poof! We had a Jack's Big Music Show party! Sebastian was so happy! He got up from his nap and came out and saw what he had done. He started saying, "Jack, Jack, Jack"! That made it all worth it! So, this momma just had her LAST baby turn 2 years old. I thought it would be harder on me. It was with my other two kids. It is like turning the corner from babyhood. In some ways, I am sad to see my last baby leave that stage, but in others... I am excited to know that my family is growing up. I know that God has blessed me abundantly. I looked at my family celebrating his birthday and saw how lucky I am.

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