Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Advent activities...

I just realized I didn't put these pictures on here. Last week - I think it was last week - Savannah had a friend stay over. I have had this book by Lisa Whelchel called The ADVENTure of Christmas. I wanted to do some of the things with Savannah and it just was great that her friend was over to join in. We made Christmas Trees out of sugar cones, frosting and mini-m&m's and then we made cinnamon ornaments. I had never done either of these things before and I am happy to say they were EASY! It worked very well! We learned the origin of the Christmas Tree and ornaments. This wonderful book points out how simple holiday traditions are wonderful examples of Christ. For instance, it talks about how if you look at a Christmas tree - you will see that the boughs of the tree extend out like the arms of Jesus. Then it goes on to talk about how the tree points up to heaven. It not only tells you the history of the tree, but gives you a way to tie in what Christmas is all about. We learned that ornaments of long ago were actually wafers of bread hidden in the branches that represented the body of Christ. I really want to do a few more of the activities in this book, but if we don't - reading the book is just a lot of fun too. Oh and Sebastian did have A LOT OF FUN WITH ALL THAT GREEN FROSTING! He was in absolute heaven!

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