Wednesday, December 20, 2006

I stumbled upon this blog tour of homes on BooMama's Blog. If you go there, you can see lots of people's decorated homes. Here my Christmas Grand Tour. It is not a lot - at least not nearly as much as I have put up in the past. I literally have like 4-5 more rubbermaid bins that I haven't even taken out since Sebastian has been born. The first year he was born, he was only 2 months old at Christmas. I was too tired to do that much decorating. The last two years, he has been too INTO EVERYTHING to even think about putting all my things out. I have faith that next year will be the year all my decorations will come out of the boxes and it will seem like a shopping spree since I won't remember most of what I had stored! Enjoy!

This is our ONLY outside decoration. My sister, Michelle, got me this flag a few years ago right after Debi passed away. She was worried about me and remembered I had said I would love to have a flag pole with seasonal flags. One day she arrived at my house with a brand new flag pole and a Christmas flag. I don't know that she knows, but after she left I just cried because it was a small thing that added a little happiness to my day.

This is our tree. It has happy meal toys and beanie baby type stuff on the bottom so Sebastian can undecorate and redecorate and I don't have to lose my mind. There are some of our normal ornaments towards the top. I think it looks pretty good considering a two year old has been into it at least 3 times a day since it has been up.

This is my nativity. My brother gave me the set years ago and then Tim found the handmade barn/manger at a craft fair for me.

My dining table has this snowman table cloth. I have an extra for when I need to set up an extra table. I was quite proud of myself for remembering to buy that for the "just in case" we have more people to celebrate with! I think my mother-in-law gave me the big snowman candle holder, I bought the little one and Savannah made the others.

These are all of out Christmas cards! I think this is the most I have ever received! I love getting Christmas cards especially with letters and pictures! Oh and if you happened to know my house used to be blue - those are the new colors of the walls. You can also see the colors by the tree. The wall is still blue behind my nativity. We have to get that painted!

The stocking are all hung by the AQUARIUM with care... ummm... well... I don't have a chimney! The aquarium doesn't look very pretty in this picture, but it does look better than that. It will soon be coming down to paint the wall behind it and open up the living room for when we put the house up for sale. For now, it is there to hold our stockings!

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