Sunday, December 10, 2006

A campfire (okay, porch fire) and s'mores...

I am sure some of you from some parts of the country think it has been pretty darn cold where you are from. Well... we have felt a little bit of that cold air here in Florida too. Friday night brought us weather in the 40's. That feels like absolute winter weather to us. Awhile back, my mom bought Tim one of those round fire pits. Problem was it was round and took up A LOT of space, so we returned it. Oh, I should mention that Tim is a pyro. He loves to make fires, loves to play with the fire, you get the idea. A few weeks back, he decided to make a fire in our grill. We have the old fashioned grill without propane, etc. It is just a grill. At first I thought he was a little odd, but then I thought about s'mores! For the last several weeks anytime we get a cold night, we have had a fire. The kids love to sit on the porch and I either get some alone time in the house for myself or I go out and join them. Either way, it is a win/win situation! Oh and I even figured out exactly what nutritional values are in a s'more and added it as a food grouping to my Sparkpeople. Is that not dedication?

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