Friday, December 29, 2006

Christmas 2006 in pictures...

Tim with his Coat of Arms book.
Timmy and Savannah at my mom's on Christmas Eve.

Me being the camera lady!

Savannah with her mini-American Girl collection my mom got her.

How is that for Florida Christmas Eve attire?

Timmy with his very favorite Panda!

Savannah with her very favorite Bear and our friend, Levi, in the background.

My sister, Michelle, opening gifts.

Savannah with her Biggest Littlest Pet Shop.

Me with the BIG stocking Timmy got for me.

Sebastian has a new word - "Whoppa"!

How to Succeed as a Small Business Owner Without Losing Your Mind.

My mom with her handmade garden statues brought all the way from St. John.

My sisters-in-laws, Karen and Jennifer, sent me this snowman candle holder. It matches my Christmas plates perfectly! I was so happy to get this! Oh and the Yankee Candles smell wonderful!

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