Tuesday, February 06, 2007

High School Musical or Thriller

I saved High School Musical to our dvr a few weeks back. Lots of kids we know are absolutely in love with this movie. Then I read another hs mom's review of it and she said it was pretty cute. Savannah loves to watch movies with us and I gotta say that we actually like a lot of the Disney Channel movies. Last night, I finally sat down and watched the movie. It was very cute. Not the best picture of the year, but cute. It reminded me of a cleaned up current version of Grease. I loved Grease when I was a kid. We had the whole 2 album set with picture cover. We would sing and dance in front of this wall that had tiled mirrors all over it. I gotta say that when we got to the end of High School Musical and they did the "We're All In This Together" dance routine - it reminded me of the end of Michael Jackson's Thriller video. I was telling Savannah as if she had any clue who Michael Jackson or Thriller was. Not a single clue! Thanks to the wonder of You Tube - we can bring both dance routines together. Okay, they are not EXACTLY alike, but you gotta admit there is something similar! Or maybe it is my brain turning to mush again!

"We're All In This Together" Video from High School Musical

End of "Thriller" video by Michael Jackson

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Jeannie said...

Wow! It was amazing to me how I have watched both of those lots of times but hadn't really put two and two together before. There a a lot of dance moves the same. My daughter watched them, she is 10, and had the same reaction as your daughter did. "Who is Michael Jackson" and Was that back in the early 1900's mom. EARLY 1900's? Sheesh I was born 1/2 way through that century. LOL Now I feel old.