Monday, February 12, 2007

A winter garden...

Tim likes to try to grow veggies and flowers with Savannah. Sometimes they actually succeed at growing something. When it happens the way it is supposed to, Savannah lights up like she and her dad just did the most amazing thing on Earth! Right now they are growing radishes, cucumbers, carrots, corn and tomatoes. I think that is it, but I could be missing something. They use a pond shell - of all things - to grow stuff in. It works pretty well as a container garden. You kinda forget it is February when you live in Florida. If you never watched the news or read the AOL screen, you would have no idea that there has been 10 feet of snow in upstate New York. Here are some pictures of our first radish and the rest of the garden. We have a bunch of stuff piled around it to keep the dog and Sebastian from climbing into it! That is why it was kind of hard to get a good picture! You do what you have to do with pets and toddlers!

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