Friday, February 16, 2007

A phone for Tigger...

My sister, Leann, (Hi Leann!) got Sebastian this outfit for his birthday. I love this outfit. Not because I love Tigger - though I do. Not because of the color, decoration, etc. Why do I love this outfit? Well... because it FITS! It 100% fits without having to roll it up in the waste or swap out a different size bottoms to go along with the top of a set before we buy it - not that I would ever, ever do that... well maybe occasionally. I don't know how she did it, but I have yet to find anything that fits him that is a set. He is like a 3T on top and about 18 months to 24 months on bottom. He is so skinny that all his pants fall down. I bought him 24 months and 2T bottoms only to find they were a bit too long and droopy. Of course, I lost my receipt. So, I improvise. I roll them over at the waist. This way they don't fall down and they aren't too long. That is why I love his Tigger outfit and I love it because I love Tigger. Who doesn't love Tigger? I got Sebastian a toy cell phone for Christmas. It was really cool for about two days, then it died. I figured I was out of luck since I threw away the package. Then I asked Timmy's friend who works at Target if they would exchange it since I still had the receipt. He told me they would. I really should not disclose that I was at Target 3 nights in a ROW this past week. Yes, two nights I went to fill prescriptions for Tim and last night I went grocery shopping at Super Target. Did I manage to remember to bring the phone in from the car on any of those 3 trips? Of course not! I also managed to forget to buy baby wipes 3 times. Today, after I dropped Savannah off at co-op, I went back to Super Target and exchanged the phone (and bought baby wipes). He had a black one to begin with because I thought he would like it better if it looked more real. They didn't have a black one, so we chose the Tigger looking one. Honestly, I didn't realized he matched until we got home. I really wasn't trying to make my 2 year old BOY be that good at accessorizing that I got him a matching phone. Oh... Leann... woohoo... I wanted to get a picture of him in his outfit to show you how well it fit. He was not in the mood to have his picture taken. I chased him from the living room, to his room, to the garage rec room and finally cornered him in my bathroom. This was the best pictures I could get! Oh and Savannah even posed to try to make him jealous that I was taking her picture and not his. He didn't care today. Tomorrow, of course, when I want to take pictures of her at her Soccer Awards - he will INSIST it is his turn to get his picture taken!

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